Genuine Armenian Handicrafts

Genuine Armenian Handicrafts


At Silfar LLC, we offer unique handicrafts imported directly from Armenia.  Our beautifully designed products are locally sourced and shipped directly to our company in the U.S.

Every product we sell is handcrafted by individual artisans who incorporate the unique designs of Armenian culture.  In the videos below, you will see two of these artisans at work; one carving a stone cross from indigenous tuff stone (Stone Cross); the other fashioning a decorative necklace from pomegranate and coral stones (Pomegranate Necklace) Please visit our "Shop Now" page to see all of our wonderful home decor, fashion accessory, and gift items.

We take great pride in the amazing quality of our merchandise, and are confident that you will enjoy them, as well.

Examples of the traditional methods employed