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Just Published and Available on Amazon:

"A Family Portrait: Memories I Will Never Forget"

Naira Babayan tells her story of growing up in Armenia, developing her musical skills early on, and eventually becoming an accomplished concert pianist and pedagogue. It is also a story of personal struggle and survival. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, there was no electricity, heat or work for Armenian citizens. Naira knew that there would be no way to support herself and her two small daughters there. So, she eventually made her way to the United States to teach and perform. However, she never forgot the memories of her family and growing up in Armenia. In the book, Naira expresses her love, respect and appreciation for the efforts of her parents and grandparents, who gave her the best for her future.

Naira’s story speaks to Armenians everywhere. No matter where one lives, it is important to remember the family, history, traditions, culture and, most importantly, the language of Armenia. The survival of the Armenian people depends on preserving these things and passing them along to the next generation